Art in Nursing Homes

At Art Start, we bring lessons to those in care, inspiring creativity and inclusivity with each individual. Our lessons maintain a relaxed, fun and therapeutic experience for all participants.

Creativity in nursing homes has many benefits, and is a great way to ensure the emotional well-being of residents. 


Increases cognitive skills and intellectual stimulation. In particular for those dealing with memory loss, the simple act of creating may stimulate the senses and trigger long-forgotten memories.

Improves physical/motor skills and alleviates pain. Creating artwork helps benefit coordination through small, purposeful movements, leading to less pain and even an enhanced immune system. Art allows seniors to focus less on their chronic aches and pains and instead concentrate on the creative process at hand.

Encourages socialisation and communication. Art allows for an alternate means of connecting with others, helping to lessen feelings of loneliness and isolation many seniors may face. Those who have difficulty expressing themselves or communicating with others often may find using visual means to be extremely helpful.


Relieves stress and depression. Creating art allows for an open expression of feelings, which can help relieve stress, anxiety and confusion.

Promotes self-awareness and self-expression. Expressing oneself through art can be a powerful, meaningful way to share our lives with others. Plus, finding a new creative outlet can unlock hidden passions many seniors may not realize they possess.


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